13th April 2013 Mugsey Grant Starts Working

13th April 2013 Mugsey Grant Starts Working

Mugsey Grant Starts Working


The Victim

Mugsey Grant along with his friend Alex Pendland and Becky Hart have decided they need to move up within the world and the unlikely threesome have decided that the best way to move forward is to stealing from home buyers.

In 12th April 2013 Mugsey Efford Walk we learn that Mugsey Grant gets a call from Becky and Alex telling him they have found the perfect target for tomorrow a man located within Ernesettle and together the three plan on robbing him.


Mugsey Grant and Becky Hart pretending to be builders knock on this house of the man they have picked as the target using fake tricks so they can steal money from him using special offers to make him give into them. Soon they obtain access and managed to have a few blunders which Alex Pendland finds herself fixing these include losing checks.

Finally near the Becky Hart feels like stealing a laptop with Alex Pendland waiting for her and Mugsey ending with the gang being chased with Mugsey Grant running behind jumping in the car.