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Mugsey Is Aware That He Has Just One More Day To Keep The Doll Happy And To Prove To Everyone Within Social. Mugsey Recovered From The Party And Remembers He Left The Doll At Home Not To Have Any Disrespect From Anyone.

Mugsey Then Finds Out He Has Failed The Doll Is Due To Go Off Anytime Alerting Social Services. Mugsey Knows There Is No Way He Can Save Himself From This Doll. However There Could Be A Way To Avoid Him Getting The Blame.

Mugsey Needs To Pretending The Doll Be Stolen To Avoid The Bad Parenting Results. Mugsey Quickly Thinks On His Feet And Attempts To Go Down A Playpark Dumping The Toy In Hope That Someone Will Take The Baby Home.

Mugsey Is Quick To Dump The Toy On A Park Bench And Moves Quickly Away To See Someone Watching Him And Contacts The Police. Mugsey Runs Back And Grabs The Child Shouting Its Not What It Looks Like. However The Way He Handling The Toy Makes Matters Worst.

Mugsey Soon Hears Sirens And Knows What Coming Next Making The Quickest Exit Possible And Attempting To Find Another Way To Avoid This. Mugsey Wonders If The Doll Has A Tracker To Show Its Location But Needs To Now Gets Back To The Prospect To Have A Look Inside.

Mugsey Dodges Cops And Anything That Could Stand In His Way And Has A Look Inside He Chilled To See That It Does Not Contain A Tracker. As He Looks Inside He Hears A Silent Alarm And Has Become Aware The Toy Is Telling Social Servcies That He Has Failed In Caring For The Doll!

Left With No Choice Mugsey Grant Manages To Give The Toy To Some Kids With Just Moment To Share And Heads Back To His House To See Social Workers Hanging Around Outside.

Mugsey Climbs In Opens The Door Smiles And Invites Them In They Warn Him He Pushed His Last Chance Now And His Kids Will Be Taken Into To Care. He Said Toy Baby Had A Late Night And Is Sleeping He Been Doing A Good Job. But Once The Social Workers Have A Look They Find The Baby Doll Is Gone.

Mugsey Freaks Out Crying And Shouting I Love That Doll She Was Wonderful Telling Them How He Been The Doctors The Other Day As It Cannot Leave His Side. Then We Learn Why Mugsey Went To The Doctors The Other Day He Told The Doctor How He Cannot Cope Being Without The Doll And The Doctor Feels He Might Have OCD With The Doll He Even Show The Social Worker A Medical Note.

The Social Workers Soon Find Themselves With A Screaming Mugsey Shouting You Got To Find My Toy They Both Tell Him He Being A Great Parent And They Will Not Be Taking His Kids. They Leave Quickly With Mugsey Screaming And Running After Them.

Mugsey Laughs Heads Home And Tells From The Start He Had Almost Planned This Pefectly Faking Suffering From OCD. He Relaxes And Knows He Beating The Social Workers.

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