Three Heroes copy

The Three Heroes

The team get ready to save Plymouth after the the evil gang member Pugsey Brant has now manage to find his super speaker and is also to play his evil song named the chav song to everyone across Plymouth. Mugsey along with his friend Roy Dart And Johnathan Wedlock know its gonna take the three of them to save North Prospect before the whole of Plymouth are turned into criminals.

In the end Mugsey is left with no choice but to have a break dance game with Pugsey who wants to see who the real gangsta of Plymouth is he now taken over Whitleigh now with Swilly on his next plans.

Mugsey manages to show everyone his moves and the one nobody wants to see the Swilly Willy which manages to win his the break dance show. As Pugsey looks on he falls to his death and Mugsey looks on the three know they have manage to save Swilly and bring peace between them and Whitleigh.

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