29th December 2023 Mugsey Final Battle

This Is The Final Day Chapter In The Story Of Mugsey Grant In This Episode The Gang Feel It's Time To Face Off With Milo Jackson As They Decided To Get Revenge For Rachael Grant Who Was Murdered A Few Night Before By Milo Jackson. The Gang Have Decided On A Plan Or So They Think Unaware That Mugsey And Sasha Have Something Planned Days Earlier But Was Delayed Due To Rachael Death.

Aware That Once Milo Jackson And His Headquarters Are Gone This Will End The Watchers Forever But Know There Skills Are Still The Only Remaining Thing Left They Decided The Best Way Is To Be Blown Up With The Watchers Headquarter. Specks Had Rigged A Bomb That Will Destroy Everything Once Becky Hart Rings Mugsey Grant.

Mugsey Has Tickets That Will Allow Himself Along With Sasha And Becky To Go Scotland And Escape The Damage Afterwards.

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