Mug Jade

Mugsey Helps Jade

Mugsey Is Facing A Quiet Day Within Swilly However Soon Gets A Phone Call About Social Services Attempting To Stop His Family Claming Anymore Money Across The Next Genreration.

Mugsey Along With Daugther Jade Boost About How Its Time To Stop Social Workers And The Job Center Beating Them And Decided That They Should Smash The Windows Of Both Places.

Making It Known The Grant Family Is In Town And Won't Be Taking Any Rubbish From Them. They Quickly Make A Exit And Leave Plymouth.

Later On Mugsey Is Given A Card Saying Grandfather Which Has No Name On It. Mugsey Soon Finds It Was Johnathan Wedlock Who Posted The Card From Prison And Has Gave Him £5 To Spend On The Grandaugther However Mugsey Feels Vodka Is Needed.

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