Alan Dart 2013

Alan Dart AKA Sticky Fingers. Born in 1987 is one of the Prospector Gang he has been around for sometime however has only join the gang across the end of Season 2. 

Alan first appeared in 2004 after coming out of prison for taking things that didn't belong to him and was released where he came to live with Roy Dart his older brother and soon he meet Mugsey Grant at first they didn't get along very well but other time became more respectful between each other and started hanging out more.

In the same year he was caught and taken back to prison for a 12 months. He was not seen much of again however talked about by Roy Dart in episodes he was not seen again until quite a few years later.

In 2012 Alan Dart was attempting to break into lockers located within Plymouth College where Mugsey bumped into Alan and they talked about old times and planned on taking a car sometime later on along side Roy.

Near the end of Mugsey Vs Charlie they meet up again and he took a big interest into Becky Hart which Mugsey wasn't very happy about and made his point known with Alan about flirting with her.