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Alex Pendland 2013

Name Alexandria Pendland

Born 22nd January 1984

Location Glasgow, Scotland

Height 6ft

Alex Pendland Is A Member Of Mugsey Grant Gang Who Joined Back In 2006. Sometimes The Other Gang Member Did Class Her As Second In Command After Mugsey Grant This Is Possibly Down To Alex Being Mugsey Girlfriend Across 3 Years What Made The Other Feel She Was Second In Command.

Mugsey Was Planning To Rob A House In Honicknowle And Why Looking At A Building Abandoned He Discovered Alex Planning To End Her Life And Managed To Catch Her Before She Fell To Her Death. Alex Suffered From Depression And Anxiety Decided She Had Enough Wanted To End Her Life.

Mugsey Took To Her Quickly And Started To Fall Madly In Love With Her Bringing Them To Relationship Status And Progessing Her To Be A Stronger Person. Slowly Turning To Become A Criminal Like Her Boyfriend Mugsey.

But Across Time Mugsey And Alex Drifted Away The Events Leading To Carla Lavinge Death Was Enough To Take Them To The Point Of No Return As Mugsey Turned To Internet Dating. It Was Here Alex Heart Was Broken When Mugsey Started Dating Louise Bailey Behind Alex Back.

When Alex Challenged Him On This He Told Her It Was Part Of A Scheme To Steal Money From Her As She Was Stinking Rich. Alex Apologised Unaware That Mugsey Was Falling In Love With Louise Soon They Created A Porno That Mugsey Named Letters To Juliet. A Few Months Later Bored At Mugsey House She And John Wedlock Has Decided To Watch An Illegal DVD Which Turned Out To Be Mugsey And Louise Porno Finally Exposing The Cheating.

Alex Questioned Mugsey Who Again Tried To Deny The Relationship Leaving Alex To Show Mugsey His Dvd Aware He Been Caught Mugsey Tried To Get A Second Chance. Alex Stormed Off And Decided She Try And End Her Life Again. Mugsey Once Again Managed To Talk Her Down. She Told Him Finish It Or We Will Be Over Forever Last Chance.

Alex Pendland Challenge Mugsey Who Attempt To Lie Saying There Must Be A Mistake Where She Showed Him The DVD That John Wedlock Had Filmed. Mugsey Attempted To Use The Death Of Carla Saying He Wasn't Think Correctly. 

Alex Runs Off Returning To The Place She Originally Was Going To Kill Herself Mugsey Stops Her In Time Telling Her He Does Not Want To Lose Her. Alex Will Only Stay With Him If He Promises Never To See Louise Bailey Again. He Accepts And Finishes It With Her However Alex Still Dumps Him And Tells Him When I Meet You I Had Nobody To Love I Guess It's The Same For You.

Mugsey Then Does As Requested Ending It With Louise Even When It Gets Nasty And Louise Attempts To Kill Mugsey But Somehow Mugsey Walks Away Alive Thanks To Alex's Razor. Sadly Things Don't Stay Perfect For Long When Alex Is Sent To Prison For Two Years For Theft.

More Stress Placed On Their Relationship With Her Being In Prison. Somehow They Manage To Stay Together And Carry On The Relationship Where They Left Off Years Before.

Alex Soon Feels Mugsey Back To His Old Cheating Habits Once Again This Time She Think He Cheating On Her With Becky Hart . Mugsey Denys This And Tells Her He Loves Her. Mugsey However Told Becky Stuff She So Easy I Can Do Anything Alex Will Always Come Back To Me. On Checking Becky Messages She Decides She Can Do Better Than Mugsey.

One Evening Why Mugsey Sleeping She Walks Out On Him And Catches Her Bus Back To Scotland. Where She Ends Her Relationship With Mugsey Telling Him The Old Me Isn't Here Anymore I'm Now A New Person And If I Stay With You I'll Never Keep Going Foward.

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