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Becky Hart 2012

Name Rebecca Hart

Born 26th March 1995

Location London, England

Height 5ft 2incs

Becky Hart Born In 1994 Is A Member Of The Prospectors Often Known By The Nickname ASBO. 

First Episode 27th July 2010 Mugsey Gets Mugged

Last Episode 29th December 2023 Mugsey Final Battle

She Is One Of The More Youngest Members Within The Group And The Smallest. She Is Trained In Fighting Styles And Also Uses Her Good Look As A Way To Get The Upperhand On A Situation Where Others Will Often Use Fighting To Her Fighting Is A Last Resort.

Becky Hart Orignally Meet Mugsey Grant Back In 2011 After The Pair Was Sent On A Skills Course To Help Them Find Jobs For People Located Within Plymouth Coucnil Estates. They Clicked From The First Day They Meet And Both Found They Had A Heavy Interest In Crime. Becky Is Often The One Who Manages To Keep Mugsey Under Control If He Over Steps The Line. She Is Sometimes Seen As A Female Verison Of Mugsey And Has Picked Up Many Of His Sayings. She Obtained The Nickname Of ASBO For Her Loud Mouth And For Being The Only One Of The Prospectors Not To Have Any ASBOS.

Becky Hart And Mugsey Grant First Meet In The Year 2010 However This Event Wasn't Found Out Until Season 3. In 2010 Mugsey Was Mugged By A Girl After Collecting His From The Job Center. Mugsey Along With Cassie Hard And Alex Pendland Were All Out Smarted By The Girl Who Escaped Their Chase.

Becky Was Then Seen In Season 1 Where She And Mugsey Had Finished College And The Pair Started Mouthing It Off Walking Around Plymouth After Leaving Poundland. She Only Appeared Once In The First Season. However Was Spoken About A Few Times.

In 2012 Becky Played A Bigger Rule Across Season 2 As She Became A More Active Gang Member. She First Meet Fellow Prospector Johnathan Wedlock In 2012 After She Was Meeting Mugsey And Johnathan Who Had Just Came Out Of Prison. Becky And Johnathan Didn't Get Along And The Pair Had A Fight With Becky Showing How Tough She Really Was Suprising Mugsey On How Tough She Really Could Be If She Wanted To Be Tough.

Becky Also Proved Her Respect Towards Mugsey In Season 2 As She Protected Him From Evil Crime Lord Charlie Charlatan Who Attempted To Use Her As A Trap To Lure Mugsey Grant Out Of Hiding. Becky Was Taken Hostage And Mugsey Came To College To Protect Her. Soon Mugsey Was Over Powered And Becky Managed To Join The Battle The Pair Worked Together And Defeated Charlie.

Becky Has Played A Interesting Rule With Each Member Of The Prospectors. Until The End Of Season 2 Its Been Shown Mugsey Shows A Love Interest For Becky. Along With That Alan Dart Made A Pass At Becky In Episode 16 And Mugsey Was Quick To Punch Alan And Put Him In Line.

In Season 3 Mugsey And Becky Got Closer Across Times And Stayed Very Good Friends. Getting Caught Up In Quite A Few Crimes. Her Final Episode Was Episode 23 Mugsey First Job. Across This Time And Episode 24 Mugsey Broken Hart We Learned That Becky Had Decided To Move Back To London. Mugsey Accepted This But Took It Badly She Was

Preceded By Carla Lavigne

Succeeded By Emma Love

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