Catherine Mason

Name Catherine Michelle Mason

Born 6th March 1993

Place Of Birth Newton Abbot

Height 5ft 4inces

First Episode 11th July 2012 Mugsey Vs Catherine

Last Episode 29th May 2013 Mugsey Life Or Death

Cause Of Death Suffication By Mugsey Grant

Catherine Mason Born In 1995 Is The Younger Sister Of Dee Mason And A Expert Jewel Thief And Expert On Rare Jewels Across The World.

In 2003 Mugsey First Meet Catherine Went Invited Over To The Mason Household For A Christmas Dinner With Dee And Catherine. At Which Time Catherine Was Only 9 Years Old. She Was A Insecure Child Who Was Scared That Mugsey Was Gonna Take Away Dee From Her.

Mugsey Promised That Would Never Happen And He Would Make Sure To Keep Them Both Together Across Everything.

In 2004 Dee Was Killed By Fellow Members Of The Prospectors Roy Dart And Johnathan Wedlock After A Nasty Attack On Mugsey Grant By Dee Mason. Catherine Never Saw Her Brother Again Unware She Had Been Killed By The Others.

Since Then She Trained In A Mixture Of Fighting Styles And Faced A Very Alike Story To Mugsey Fighting To See Her Brother Again Who She Still Feels Could Be Alive. Unware That Mugsey Knows He Is Dead.

In 2012 On A Jewel Stealing Mission Catherine Loses A Jewel Which Is Collected By Mugsey Who She Feels She Has Meet Before Unaware This Is The Man Who Dated Her Brother 9 Years Ago. She Finally Catches Up With Mugsey In An Attempt To Find Her Jewel Which Mugsey Is Held Hostage And Slighty Hard To Put Fear Into Him. Mugsey Worked Out This Is Dee Mason Younger Sister And Wonders How Much She Knows About Her Brothers Death.

Catherine Tells Mugsey He Has Got Two Weeks To Return It Back To Him Which Mugsey Accepts The Terms. However Mugsey Has To Plan On Giving Her It Back. Mugsey Knows It Might Be A Idea On Getting Her Taken Out. But Feels She Is Better Than Being Gotten Rid Of For Good.

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