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Deanne Skinner 2011

Deanne Skinner Age Remains Unknown But She Is Suspect To Be Around The Same Age Of Mugsey It Has Never Been Spoken About Across Any Of The Episodes.

Deanne Skinner First Appear In 2001 As Living Nextdoor To Mugsey Grant . She Replaced Drug Dealer Scumbag Steve . Who Was Visited By The Police After He Was Caught Part Of A Drug Raid Within Swilly.

Deanne Skinner Was At First Seen As Mugsey As The One Thing He Didn't Want In Someone Living Nextdoor To Him Often Banging On The Walls If The Children Made Any Noises. Soon Mugsey Went To War With Deanne And Did Many Criminal Act To Her Household. Inculuding Placing A Hosepipe In The Letterbox And Killing Her Plants With Weed Killer And Taken The Milk Off Her Doorstep.

Soon Mugsey Found Out She Was Under Police Protection After Clocking The Police Being Across The House All Hours Of The Day. Mugsey At First Thought She Was Grassing Everyone To The Police. Mugsey Soon Found Himself Helping Her After Watching A Man Break Into Her House Turns Out Her Husband Was A Manchester Crimelord And She Was Giving Wittness Protection. Mugsey And Deanne Became Friends After He Saved Her Life From Her Husband.

Mugsey Shared A Mixture Of Good Times With Deanne And Across Which They Planned Many Criminal Plans. Once The Case Was Over Deanne Enjoyed Plymouth And Stayed Within Plymouth. She Moved Houses To Whitleigh And The Pair Stayed In Contact.

In 2002 Mugsey Had A Birthday Party And The Group All Came Down To Swilly. Mugsey Also Meet Deanne New Partner And Had A Bad Feeling About This Guy. As Time Went On The Guy Lost The Plot And Attempted To Shot Everyone. Deanne Got In Front Of Mugsey Who Nearly Got Shot. She Was Wounded But Surived As The Rest Of The Gang Sorted Him Out.

In 2007 Deanne Started Growing Close Towards Johnathan Wedlock And The Pair Started Dating For A Short Time. However Deanne Soon Found Johnathan Wedlock Creepy And The Pair Split Up. 

In 2010 Deanne Became Close Friends With Samuel Gorwill And Stu Kinch And Would Often Spend Time With The Pair Down Within Exeter.

In 2011 Deanne Meet Becky Hart As They Started Fighting Over Rumors It Turned Out They Lived Down The Road From Each Other And Has Issues With Each Other.

In 2012 Mugsey Told How Him And Deanne Friendship Had Came To A End After All These Years Over Personal Issues He Doubt They Will Stay In Contact Saying She Not The Same Person Anymore Age Has Changed Her.

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