Mugsey Goes Probation

There Has Been A Few Pieces Of Really Bad Luck For Mugsey Grant Across The Last Few Weeks. Mugsey Has A Night Out Down In Torquay And Manage To Be Stupid And Have A Wee Inside A Policeman Hat. Because Of This He Was Nicked For Public Order And Sent To Court For Breaking His ASBO.

Mugsey Is Given 8 Weeks Probation And Is Told He Has To Clean Up Rubbish Down In Torbay. Mugsey Not Happy Because He Gotta Spend Six Hours In The Heat.

Mugsey Only Manages To Do A Small Bag Of Junk And Isn't Happy As He Could Lose His Money Because They Made Him Walk Up A Very Long Road Which If He Was Seen Could Have Cost Him Big Time.

On A Break Mugsey Manages To Find A Yellow Diamond Which Came From Oldway Manison Down In Preston Which Got Broken Into By What Women Have Nicknamed Catwomen. Mugsey Tells How She Is A Free Runner And Police Cannot Catch Her Even If They Try Hard.

Mugsey Takes The Diamond And Wants To Wait For Everything To Calm Down So He Can Sell It Within The Crime Market Once Everything Is Good. What Mugsey Does Not Know Is The Girl Who Took The Jewel Has Seen Everything And Has Plans On Getting What Was Her Back From Mugsey.

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