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Episode 18

In episode 18 of North Prospect Road we catch up with the one and only Mugsey Grant and his crew after the events of last year when Mugsey defeated Charlie Charlatan in a battle saving Becky Hart.

You would think that the hero would often the person he saved and be dating her. Sadly this isn't the case and things have improved in some areas however have gotten worst in other places. 

Mugsey Grant is still up to his old tricks nothing as changed there as Mugsey has a few more tricks to pull off across the year however he having very weird dreams about doctors and there starting to play with his mind in more ways then one.

Roy Dart has been rather unlucky and has managed to get kicked out of his house after goverment thought it would be a good idea to build a nice new Asda over where his house once stood now destoryed he has been forced to move to Plymouth in a stupid and stinky bedsit still blaming Mugsey for saying if you don't sort this I will laugh if you get evicted.

Becky Hart And Alan Dart is at present starting to show her feeling for Alan and things are looking good between them however with Mugsey around every second he still making a pain of himself ruining any chances of the pair getting together making things far more harder than they have to be.

But things all go even more nuts when Johnathan Wedlock is nicked once again by the cops and is due to appear in court the gang get annoyed and decided that a protest is needed to save their priest armed with signs of Johnathan and a few songs by the Petshop Boys the gang go protesting only to find he all ready been sent to prison a week earlier.

Mugsey and the gang are now pretty stressed out and deicded they need to move forward and accept things happen for a reason and they couldn't change the fact ASDA ruined the house roy onced lived in but Mugsey needs to accept that Becky would rather date gingers.

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