On The Biggest Job Mugsey Has Decided He Is Now Mentally Ready To Attempt To Become A Millionaire And Commit His Biggest Job Of Present Date. If He Is Caught He Could Face Really Big Trouble And Put His Family At Risk And His Friends Becky Hart And Deanne Skinner In Really Big Trouble.

However Mugsey Grant Is Also Wondering How And Where He Could Hide A Million Pounds. Becky Has A Bad Feeling About Their Biggest Job In Their History However Mugsey Grant Does Not Care About This And Wants To Make Sure He Is Remember For This Job.

Mugsey Along With Deanne And Becky Make Their Way Towards The Manison Located Outside Of Plymouth We Learn The Man The Mansion Belong To Is A Huge Crime Lord That Has A Higher And More Powerful Than Mugsey.

Aware That He Is In Kingsbridge At This Present Time Working A Big Drug Deal And House Empty They Strike The House Armed With Masked And Gloves However Once They Meet The House And How Secure The Building Is The Girls Get Second Ideas.

Mugsey Tells How He Has Not Even Visited Here In Many Years Since He Was Taken Here When Took By Dale Martin