Kenzi Grant is one of Mugsey Grant Oldest Daugther A Few Months Younger Than Jade Grant . She Was Born In 1996 When Mugsey Was Seeing A Older Women Down in the Exmouth Massive.

Kenzi suffer from ADHD and is often loud and screaming about everything In 2004 she was really hyper at 8 Years Old And Picked Up A Brick Succesfully Managing To Smash A Police Car Which Was Parked Within Swilly.

As A Reward Mugsey Brought Her Some Sweet As He Was Proud Of Her Smashing Up The Police Car.

In 2008

Mugsey Was Threated By Her Mother To Take Kenzi Camping Or He Would Find He Be Paying Money For Her Living. He Wasn't Very Happy With Taking Her Camping Due To Her Being Hyperactive Personally. He Researched A Website Which Give Tips On Dealing With His Loud Child. On The Camping Trip Mugsey Put Them To Use And Had Give Kenzi Something To Make Her Sleep Gotten Her Drunk And Hogtied Her. This Went Down Very Badly With His Partner Who Shopped Him To Social Services For His Bad Parenting.