Name Louise Bailey


Louise Bailey 2013

10th November 2010 Mugsey Grant Cutting Deeper09:17

10th November 2010 Mugsey Grant Cutting Deeper

Born 2nd December 1981

Born Ashburton, England

Height 5ft 8incs

Louise Bailey is one of the many women Mugsey Grant has dated across his lifetime. They orignally meet on a dating where Mugsey Grant at the time was dating Alex Pendland .

Across this point Mugsey Grant was sometimes staying in Ashburton with Louise Bailey.

When things turned bad when Alex Pendland was attempting to end her life. Mugsey Grant told her they should no longer be seeing each other as it wasn't fair. Louise didn't take to kindly to this and attempted to kill Mugsey Grant along with that she tourted him with her Hetty The Hover using the razor that he had taken off Alex Pendland the day before Mugsey Grant escape the Duct tape holding him and manages to defeat Louise.

Since then nobody has heard from Louise since however Mugsey sometimes gets a postcard from her which comes from spain.

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