Millenium Explosion


On The 31st December 2000 A Rescue Was Placed Into Action To Save Mugsey Grant And Rachael Grant From The Watcombe Doctors It Involved Sasha Hitting The Place At The Day Before The New Year Being A Time Their We're Low Guarded. Sasha Was Able To Enter Millenium Tower And Able To Rescue The Pair Just After Mugsey Was Injected.

Together Sasha And Rachael Carried Mugsey To Safety After Sasha Bombed The Tower To Blow Up On Midnight The Three Escaped However Rachael Grant Had Unfinished Bussiness Sasha Was Requested To Protect Mugsey And Get Him Somewhere Safe Sasha Had A Few Friends Located In Brixham Who Would Look After Him.

Cover UpsEdit

The Tower Blowing Up Was Classed As A Accident And Was Covered Up. It Killed A Total Of 10 People.