Mohammed Atwah Born In 1984 Born In Abbottabad First Meet The Prospectors By Accident Went Mugsey Grant Was Sent By Johnathan Wedlock To France To Pick Up A Man Ready To Be Given A Quick Marriage.

In 2005 Mugsey Managed To Sneak In Mohammed By Keeping Him Hidden In A Hidden Area Of His Van Across Customs At Dover. Later On When Heading Back To Devon The Car Broke Down And Mohammed Made His Escape From The Car To Avoid Police Capture.

A Few Days Later Reports On The News Come Across That A Man Named Mohammed Atwah Might Be At Large Planning To Commit A Terrorist Attack On Devon. At This Point Mugsey And Johnathan Work Out What They Have Just Done Allowing A Member Of Al-Qaeda And Bodyguard Of Bin Laden Into The UK Wanted For The Murder Of 36 People. Aware They Could Go Prison For A Long Time The Pair Know They Must Stop Him.

Mohammed Is About To Let Off His Bomb In Plymouth To Be Faced With Mugsey And Johanthan And Closely Behind The Police. Mugsey And Mohammed Fight For The Bomb And It Starts Counting Down Aware There Is No Time To Stop It. Mugsey Prays And Throws The Bomb In The Air With It Causing No Harm To Anybody.

Mohammed Is Killed By Mugsey Grant To Make Sure There Mistakes Is Never Found About Them Bringing Him Into England. Mohammed Whereabouts Have Been Kept Hidden Along With His Plans To Avoid Any Trouble Coming Back.