In 2001 Mugsey Grant Was Still Accepting The Events Of Last Year When His Sister. Took Off And Left Him To Face The World Alone.

Along The Start Of His Adventure He Starts Drinking Heavy And Is Now Wondering Why The World Has Left Him Down So Badly. One Night He Takes A Trip By Accident To A Gay Bar Within Brixham. He Gets Very Drunk Wondering About His Fate If Charlie Charlathan Ever Should Catch Up With Him.

He Is Then Walking Away From The Pub Drunk Shouting About How His Sister Left Him To Die In This Evil World And Wants To Know Where She Has Gone. As He Comes Past Two Gay Guys He Shouts I Hope Your Happy Unlike Me Who Has Nothing Maybe I Should Turn Gay To Be Happy Like You Two Its All I Have Left. The Pair Ask Him If Everything Is Okay And He Tells Them His Story And How He Is Now Alone.

They Invite Him Back For Coffee And Befriend Mugsey Who Finally Accepts These Gay People Ain't Really This Bad And Don't Wanna Do Things To Him And His Dad Was Telling Lies Once Again. He Soon Is Living With New Friends Samuel Gorwill And Stu Kinch .

On The 15th February 2001 The Papers Tell How A Man Named Charlie Charlatan Has Been Given 20 Years For Murder. Mugsey Relaxes Knowing Charlie In Prison Even Getting Hyper Knowing Rachael Grant Will Return. He Moves Back To His Flat In Torquay Awaiting Rachael To Come Home But She Never Comes Back To Torquay.

Mugsey Goes On With His Life Across Torbay And Is Soon Caught Up With Robbing From Churches. However Is Soon Touched By God When He Sees Church Showing There Ways To Him Thinking Back To His Time At The Church With Rachael Soon He Follows The Way Of Jesus As He Becomes Stronger As A Person.

Soon Mugsey Feels He Needs To Leave Torquay And Moves To Swilly Where He Starts A New Life Planning A Life Of Crime To Keep Him Living And Fighting Everything He Hates Within Life.

Across May Mugsey Soon Is Feeling Happy With Living In Plymouth But Is Soon Almost Killed After Being Hit By A Bus With The Photo Of A Man Name Larry Speare On The Bus Before Passing Out The Last Thing Mugsey Sees Is His Face. He Then Picks Up A Fear Of Larry Speare And Is Often Having Nightmares Of His Face And Soon Attempt To Chase The Buses With Larry Speare On Them.

15th February 2001 Mugsey Escapes Charlie

3rd March 2001 Mugsey Meets Christians

5th May 2001 Mugsey Meets Larry Speare