Across The Year Mugsey Gets Caught Up In Quite A Mix Of Stuff Which Make Him Learn Deeply About His Life And Also How He Is Feeling Really Lonley With Everything Effecting Him To A Point He Starts Having Feelings To Care For Others Which He Need Had Since The Horrible Evening When His Sister Rachael Grant Walked Out On Him.

In The Season Mugsey Comes Up With A Idea To Become A Foster Carer Aware That He Won't Be Remembered By Social Services For The Time He Was Drunk When Looking After Jordan Grant Back In 2000.

28th July 2002 Mugsey And Becka

He Quickly Signs Up And Doubts He Will Hear Anything From Somebody Anytime Soon But There Is A Big Need For Foster Carers And Without Hardly Anytime At All He Is Contacted And Asked If He Would Like To Look After A 15 Year Old Girl Named Becka Who Has Issues And Needs A Clean Break From Exeter To Escape Her Personal Issues. Mugsey Accepts Aware Looking After Her Is Another £200 A Week And Nothing Stressful If He Allows The Girl To Do Whatever She Wants.

29th July 2002 Mugsey Meets Becka

Becka Is Dropped Off Mugsey Flat On Meeting Her He Smiles And Lets Her In. She Looks At Him With A Unhappy Expression. He Starts To Be Honest And Gets To The Point He Taking Her On Because He Wants Money She Will Be Given £10 A Day And She Can Do Whatever She Wants With It. She Has No Time Restructions Come And Go Whenever You Want And Just Don't Let It Look Bad On My Part Making Me A Bad Foster Carer. He Pretty Happy Knowing She Knows The Rules.

30th July 2002 Mugsey Early Hours

Mugsey Is Sleeping When He Is Woken At 3am When There Is A Knock At The Door He Goes To Find Becka Has Been Found Walking Around Plymouth In The Middle Of The Night And Police Have Brought Her Back Home After She Had The Nerve To Ask For A Taxi With The Police. Mugsey Lets Her In And Wakes Up The Next Morning A Little Tired From The Night Before He Walks In The Kitchen To Find Becka Drinking Wine. Mugsey Looks At Her And Tells Her That The Wine Belong To Him. She Answers Will Nobody Will Serve Me Any Drink Because Of My Age. Mugsey Offers To Buy Her Some Drink But Wants To Chat With Her About Things. She Accepts And He Tells Her Not To Get Caught By The Police Again.

1st August 2002 Mugsey Needs Space

Mugsey Feels He Needs A Break From Everything With His New Foster Child And Heads Down To See Johnathan Wedlock To Get Him To Say A Prayer As He Deals With Becka. Mugsey Starts To Feel Maybe He Getting Somewhere With Becka However Is Soon Gonna Be Prove Wrong.

2nd August 2002 Mugsey Meets Romance

Mugsey Returns To His House To Hear Noises Coming From The Bedroom. Confused He Knocks On The Door To Hear The Words Don't Stop Oh Yes. Mugsey Aware His Foster Kid Is Having Sex Within The House. Where As Most People Are Shocked By This His Answer Is Remember If Your Not On The Pill You Can Have A Child Meaning You Will Earn More Benifits. Take Advice Buddy Refuse DNA Test And You Can Avoid Paying For The Child. Mugsey Is Confused By This And So Is Johanthan Wedlock Who Starts Praying For A Child.

3rd August 2002 Mugsey Gets Serious

Mugsey Is Woke Up In The Evening To The Noise Of Crying Coming From Becka Room And Wonders What Wrong With Her. He Listen To Hear Her Crying Within Her Room. The Next Morning Mugsey Starts To Feel Sorry For Her And Ask Her What Was Wrong Last Night. She Breaks Down And Tells Him She Misses Her Mum And Opens Up To Mugsey. He A Little Confused And After Talking He Looks At His Hands Taps Her On The Head And Says There,There Loads Of Times. To A Point Even Becka Thinks He Has Lost The Plot. Mugsey Then Tells Her His Story About Him And Rachael Which She Takes Seriously. Mugsey Offeres To Take Her Out Tomorrow Offering Her A Day On The Beach To Cheer Her Up.

4th August 2002 Mugsey Goes The Beach

Mugsey Along With Becka Both Go On The Beach Where Soon The Day Is Understood As Mugsey Planning A Few Tricks To Earn Himself Some Money By Using Becka As Support. The Beach Has All Sorts Of Things Go Wrong With Mugsey And Becka Soon Having To Make A Quick Run For It.

5th August 2002 Mugsey New Friend

Soon Mugsey Is Having A Good Laugh And Starts Seeing Becka As His New Found Friend Finally Aware They Have Plenty In Common And A Tough Life. Mugsey Soon Becomes More Open And Talks About Crimes The Pair Can Commit With Many Ideas.

6th August 2002 Mugsey Second Offering

Mugsey Gets A Phone Call From Social Services Requesting If He Would Like To Take On A Second Teenage Girl Who Got Issues Makingg Him Have £500 A Week For Looking After Them Both He Gets Happy About This But For Once He Thinks Deeply And Doesn't Think About The Money And Tells Social Services He Feels That Becka Needs 1 To 1 Attention And It Wouldn't Be Fair If He Looked After Two Kids On Her. They Agree And Respect Him For His Choice At The End Mugsey Confused And Says Did I Just Turn Down Money For Once In My Life?

7th August 2002 Mugsey And Becka Rap

Mugsey Is Challanged By Becka To Have A Rap Match To See Which Of The Pair Can Rap Better And To See Who Is The Biggest Rapper.

8th August 2002 Mugsey Double Job

Mugsey Has A New Job In Mind A House Just Outside The Prospect Which He Been Studying For The Last Few Nights. He Aware It Has Only Got One Owner And Feels They Should Work Together And Go Half On What They Make. That Evening Mugsey And Becka Go Out To Pull Off There Next Job. They Manage To Get Inside However Are Soon Faced With A Robbers Worst Nightmare A Dog. Mugsey Looks As The Dog Comes Running Towards Them. The Pair Are Caught In The Kitchen By The Dog Aware They Need An Escape Before The Noise Alerts The Owner.

9th August 2002 Mugsey On Heat

Mugsey And Becka Are Stuck With The Barking Dog And Have Heard The Women Shout She Calling The Police The Windows Are Locked And The Pair Know They Will Be Left With No Choice But To Smash The Windows. They Run For It To Hear The Sound Of Sirens Nearby The Pair Know They Must Split Up And Meet Up At The House. Mugsey Comes Up With A Plan Using The Police To Support A Cover Story And Reports Becka Missing And Then Regroups With Her Making Out He Found Her At Which Point A On Coming Police Car Stops Them They Tell Him She Went Missing But Found Her They Are Allowed To Go On There Way.

10th August 2002 Mugsey Goes 50

Mugsey And Becka Are Impressed With What They Have Stolen And Split Half On Everything They Have Stolen. They Plan Out There Next Robbery Which Is Coming Shortly.

11th August 2002 Mugsey Birthday Session

Mugsey Birthday Will Soon Be On Him Tomorrow The Pair Grab Some Drinks And Plan Out For The Big Day However Matters Become Worst When Becka Runs To The Toilet And Mugsey Seen This Before He Thinks Becka Could Be Pregant!

12th August 2002 Mugsey Pregant Birthday

Mugsey Gets A Test For Becka It Turns Out She Is Expecting And Has Been Pregant From The Man Known As Gary She Was With The Other Day. She Scared But Mugsey Promises To Support Her Across This. Meanwhile Mugsey Birthday Goes Badly Wrong When Deanne Bring In Her New Partner Who Takes The Party Under Siedge.

13th August 2002 Mugsey Ruined Party

The Party Is Still Be Held By Deanne Partner Who Wants Money However Soon Mugsey Has No Choice But To Fight The Criminal. However Things Go Wrong When Deanne Is Shot By A Bullet Which Means A Rush To The Hospital To Save Her Life.

14th August 2002 Mugsey Mistakes

Mugsey Feels Stupid For His Mistakes Which Almost Killed Deanne Who Recovering Nicely And For Putting Becka At Risk With The Mad Man. Mugsey Knows This Could Have Ruined Him Badly.

15th August 2002 Mugsey Jacko

Mugsey Obtains A Call From Social Services Warning Him That Michael Jackson Has Been Released From Prison. He Confused And Ask Why Are They Ringing Him About Wacko Jacko Soon Turns Out Its The Partner Of Becka Who They Want To Keep Her Away From.

16th August 2002 Mugsey Tells Becka

Mugsey Tells Becky That Her Partner Is Loose And She Wants To Avoid Him Finding Her However Things Go Worst When She Has Heavy Blood Fearing She Could Be Losing The Baby.

17th August 2002 Mugsey Worst Fears

Mugsey Learns That Becka Has Gotten A False Alarm As It To Do With A Injury Of Being Beaten A Few Years Ago. Mugsey Relaxes As She Spends 48 Hours In Hospital As A Check Up.

18th August 2002 Mugsey Feels Alone

Without Becka Around Mugsey Feels Very Alone Because He Has No Company But Starts To Relax As The Day Goes On.

20th August 2002 Mugsey Biggest Danger

Mugsey Returns Home To Swilly Aware Something Is Wrong After A Big Mess Within The House And A Note Which Shows A Video Saved On A File. The Video Shows A Man Holding Becka Tied To A Chair Wearing A Michael Jackson Mask Aware This Must Be The Partner Of Beckas The Trouble Is Now What Can Mugsey Do He Studies Anything In The Video To Find Her.

21st August 2002 Mugsey To The Rescue

Mugsey Goes To Save Becka From Michael Jackson Who Is Holding Her Hostage Within A Old Flat Just Outside Swilly To Attempt To Brainwash Her In Getting Back With Him. Mugsey Quickly Comes To Her Aid As Things Get Worst When He Flashes A Knife Planning On Killing Her. Mugsey Finally Manged To Fight Back And Is Caught Off Guard. Mugsey End Looks Near However Becka Quickly Comes In Grabs The Knife And Saves Mugsey From Michael Jackson. The Pair Then Hide The Body Under The Floor.

22nd August 2002 Mugsey Shocking Goodbye

Things Are Back To Normal Within Mugsey Household However There Is A Knock On The Door Its Social Services Who Came To Collect Becka As The Hospital Told Them Its Been Found She Pregant They Ask Why Mugsey Never Told Them And He Claims He Didnt Know. They Take Becka As They Get There Last Time Together She Gives Him A Dollar Neckless She Brought When A Jeweller Sold Her It In Hospital From Her Share. They Both Cry And Mugsey Tells Her To Keep In Touch. Mugsey Is Upset As Once Again He Faces Being Alone Again Looking Back At The Times They Shared.

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