Mugsey 2003

Mugsey In 2003 Shows What Mugsey Grant Did Within The Year 2003. It Is Classed As Season 0 Within The Youtube Channel It Contains Everything From What Changed Mugsey Into The ASBO We All Know And Love And How He Started His Plans In 2003 He Finds Love With A Transgender And Is Madly In Love With Her However Not To The Taste Of The Prospects As Soon Its Turns Into A Relationship Of Abuse As Mugsey Is Neglected By Dee Forced To Buy Drink And Isolated From His Crew After Dee Makes Trouble Between The Close Friends Of Mugsey Grant Soon Leaving The Prospect Crew Wondering What Will They Do Without Mugsey Grant?

In August 2003 Mugsey Has Just Meet A Friend Down In Dawlish After Pulling Off A Pokemon Card Scheme Tricking People Out Of Money Selling Them Fake Pokemon Cards. The Pair Soon Learn They Have Much In Common And Together Plan On Making Themselves Known.

In October 2003 Mugsey Grant And Roy Dart Are Soon Joined By A Gay Hooker Named Dee Mason Who Enjoys Cross Dressing And The Group Find Them Making Targets All Across Teignbridge. However To Make Matters Worst A Police Officer Named John Fisher Has His Eyes On The Group.

8th August 2003 Mugsey Hits Dawlish

9th August 2003 Mugsey Has Success

10th August 2003 Mugsey Plans Ivybridge

11th August 2003 Mugsey Vs Ivybridge Police

20th August 2003 Mugsey Returns To Ivybridge

5th September 2003 Mugsey Vs Roy

9th October 2003 Mugsey Steals Milk

1st November 2003 Mugsey Turns Gay

20th December 2003 Mugsey Transgender Fetish