Its The Start Of 2008 And Mugsey Grant Has Started Another Year Of His Life In Plymouth. The Year Has
Mugsey 2008

Mugsey 2008

Many Things Happening From His Past And Present.

Mugsey Is Faced With Learning More About How Much His Family Really Means To Him With It Getting Bigger And Family Matters Getting Harder.

Mugsey Has Something Much More Bigger To Worry About His Money. When Someone Is Attacking Him And Trying To Get Him To Lose Some Money.

To Make Matters Worst Johnathan Wedlock Is Still In Prison For Creating Fake Marriages Leaving Mugsey To Face The Year Without Him Making Things Even More Harder. But Soon Mugsey Is Faced With Being A Good Father After The Job Center Make An Attack On Him For Bad Parenting. Along With That Disablity Living Allowence Have Made An Appearance. Leaving Mugsey With The Question Is Somebody Targeting Him And Trying To Get Him Send Down?

8th Feburary 2008 Mugsey Young Offenders

19th Feburary 2008 Mugsey Third Generation

6th March 2008 Mugsey Hits Princetown

7th March 2008 Mugsey Has The Banshee

2nd June 2008 Mugsey Meets ADHD

3rd June 2008 Mugsey ADHD Support

4th June 2008 Mugsey Deal

5th June 2008 Mugsey Camping Success

6th June 2008 Mugsey And The Out Of Hours Team

7th June 2008 Mugsey Pefect Parenting

8th June 2008 Mugsey Goes Parenting School

9th June 2008 Mugsey Evening Of Destiny

10th Mugsey Sleepless Morning

15th June 2008 Mugsey Goes DLA

16th June 2008 Mugsey Kidnapped Baby

7th August 2008 Mugsey And The Photographs

8th August 2008 Mugsey Searches Newtown

3rd October 2008 Mugsey Helps Jade

9th November 2008 Mugsey Grandaugther Is Born

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