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Nikki Flare 2007

Nikki Flare Is A Member Of The Prospectors Born In The Town Of Plymouth She Orignally Meet Mugsey Grant With Alex Pendland When They Was Hanging Around The Shops Of West Park.

Nikki And Alex Was Flirted With By Mugsey Grant Who Managed To Get Their Phone Numbers.


Mugsey And Nikki Became Close And Soon We're Often Living Over Each Other Houses Within Swilly And Whitleigh. A Few Times Mugsey Said How He Couldn't Work Anything With Nikki And Saw Her As More As A Sister Often Calling Her Rachael By Mistake. They Both Stayed Close Friend Across 2006 And Shared Many Stories Including Dealing With The Police A Few Bad People On Swilly And Some Evil Doctors.


Nikki Started Talking To A Unknown Person Across Facebook And The Pair Talked Quite A Bit. Sadly Without Notice Nikki Took Off Leaving Mugsey Grant To Relate Back To Rachael Doing The Same Thing They Had However Became Good Friends.


Nikki Came Back From Glasgow Unexpected One Day And Had Managed To Track Down Mugsey Grant To Ivybridge The Pair Became Close Once Again And Started Hanging Out.

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