Remember 1999 Is A Storyline Within Season 14. It tells a more deeper and romantic storyline within Mugsey Grant earlier life that he shared with Pinky .


Mugsey Grant has been rather quiet the last few days around his friends after getting messages send to his phone and answering them in the quiet it soon turns out that Mugsey has been talking to a girl on a dating website who he has got closer to and hopes she might even be in love with him.

We later learn that the girl from the website is a fake and its really is Pinky this catches Mugsey off guard after Mugsey defeated her back in 

Mugsey and Pinky have a long converstation as Mugsey starts to work out a strange moment him and Pinky shared he soon learns that they both shared a moment back in 1999 when they was a couple.

Mugsey also learns more about himself as a person along with events that took place with himself along with Racheal GrantSasha Montana , And Charlie Charlatan together they was the Superious Five who we're all part of the Doctors test project.

Mugsey is soon able to gain control of the situation making Pinky tell him everything about the year 1999 we also learn that finally Pinky was the second to be tested within the real world after Sasha Montana was the first of the Superious Five .

We all learn that Pinky has been rescued by Fisherman and landed in Brighton after Mugsey placed her within the bottle it was down here she took revenge on a group of people after finding out one shared the same last name as Mugsey.

Finally Pinky is deafeated within a fight and placed back within her bottle to make sure she causes no more harm to anyone before her death she makes Mugsey Grant aware that he will not being seeing the year 2015 because his illnesses is almost caught up with him and doubt that he will ever find a cure.

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