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Roy Dart

Roy Dart Was Born In 1985 In The Buckland Estate Of Newton Abbot. He Is A Expert At Picking Locks And He Is Also Able To Climb Places Where Other Team Members Would Find Hard To Reach Because Of This He Is A Very Useful Member Of Mugsey Team Who Mugsey Will Use To Reach Places He Cannot.


Roy Dart First Joined Mugsey Gang Back In 2003 After He Was Attempting To Sell Fake Pokemon Cards To Collectors Which We're Made To Obtain Money From People. He Soon Learned That Roy Was Up To The Same Plan Just Like Him And The Pair Worked Together In Selling Some Fake Pokemon Cards. Mugsey Worked Out Roy Was A Good Climber And Requested His Help On Raids. But Soon Learned That Roy Had Been Cursed With Bad Luck. The Pair Have Since Targeted Many Places Across Devon Hitting Targets.


Roy Has Been Out On The Evening With A Few Girls He Had Meet In Exeter He Had Manage To Take Some Photographes Of Them However One That Caught Mugsey Eye Looked Like Rachael Grant His Sister But Roy Said Its Unlikely However Mugsey Knows A Birth Mark On Her Right Cheek Its Likely Roy Had Been With Mugsey Sister.


Across The Start Of The Year Roy Is Wanted By Someone In His Past That Want To Catch Up With Him After A Safe Cracking Mission Many Years In The Past That Went Badly Wrong And She Wants His Blood. Soon Mugsey Learns Roy Didn't Always Work Alone And Had A Partner Named Lily Pryke They Had Only Just Started Out At 13 And Thought Having A Kid Would Keep Them Together.