North Season 0

North Prospect Season 0

Season 0 Of North Prospect Road When Mugsey Grant Lived In Liverpool And How He Become The Man He Is Now In The Present Days.

Main Cast Members

Mugsey Grant

Rachael Grant

Charlie Charlatan

Bobby Perry

Billie Jones

In The Year 1999 Mugsey Moved Out Of Liverpool After Being Kicked Out By His Father Richard Grant For Not Bothering With Doing Something In His Life. Along With Mugsey His Sister Rachael Grant Was Kicked Out Of There Fathers Home.

Rachael Had A Little Bit Of Money Left And Mugsey And Her Spent It On A Bus From Liverpool To Torquay Down There Lived Rachael Other Half Bobby Perry Who Would Take Care Of Both Of Them.

They Arrived Into Torquay A Few Days Later And Started Living There Lifes Down In Torquay On A Low Income However The Three Supported Each Other With What Money They Could Make And Together The Three Manage To Enjoy Life Even In Poor Times. Rachael Still Wanted To Follow Her Dreams Of Singing And Always Promised If She Got Famous She Would Make Sure Mugsey Was Looked After.

Over Time Mugsey Was Often A Target At School And Bullied Because He Was A Quiet Student He Found It Hard To Deal With School Children And Later Refused To Go School. Mugsey Was Lonely And Had Nobody Until Rachael Meet Someone Who Would Turn The Family Upside Down His Name Is Something Mugsey Will Never Forget He Was Called Charlie Charlatan.

Charlie Took Mugsey Under His Wing And Looked After Him And Soon The Guys Become Really Close He Taught Mugsey How To Fight And Stand Up For Himself And How To Beat Bullies. But Charlie Had Other Plans And Turned Out To Be A Drug Dealer And Wanted Mugsey To Be His Right Handed Man In Taking Over The Torbay Drug Trade.

Mugsey Was Soon Dealing Drugs However Never Took Them Himself He Was Asked Many Times To Take Drugs Everytime He Refused And Didn't Do Anything Apart From Trying Weed Once Which He Didn't Like Very Much.

One Day Mugsey Was Offered A Really Big Job After Charlie Had Been Nicked By Police After Beating Up Someone Who Didn't Pay Him For Drugs. There Was A Witnesses A Girl Who Saw Him Beating The Man Who Had Failed To Pay Him. Charlie Was Able To Strike The Girl Down With A Connection Within The Police Force.

The Beating Could Send Charlie Down And This Girl Was The Only Thing Standing In Charlie Way From A Live Behind Bars. Mugsey Was Request To Do What He Wanted With The Girl And To Kill Her Once He Was Finished.

Mugsey Was Taken Into A Room Where The Girl Was Tied Up And Scared By The Events That Had Taken Place. Mugsey Had Been Trained Mentally To Deal With Anyone Who Threated His Work. Mugsey Didn't Want To Do Anything To The Girl He Always Respect A Girl Rights But Didn't Think Twice On Killer Her. Mugsey Had Never Killed Anyone And The Girl Pleaded With Him Until She Said The Words If I'm Dead Who Will Look After My Sister?

This Effected Mugsey Who Helped The Girl Escape And Not To Be Killed. Mugsey Then Started To Question What He Had Become And If This Was Really Him Anymore. Mugsey Kept Away From Charlie And Lived On His Life After Telling Rachael What Was Expected Of Him. She Told Him He Made The Right Choice.

Later On Mugsey Meet A Girl Where He Found His First True Love Her Name Was Billie Jones She Had A Heavy Life And Had Suffer Much Upset In Life. Mugsey Took His Time And Helped Her Become A Stronger Person And Changed Her Life Around.

They Then Had A Son Named Jordan Grant Who Mugsey And Billie Loved To Pieces They Was A Happy Family Until Mental Illness Caught Up With Billie And She Attempted To End Her Life. Mugsey Found Her Trying To Hang Herself And Stopped Her From Dying.

Billie Was Sectioned And Mugsey Who Was Depressed Turned To Drink To Cope With Almost Losing His Partner. However Social Services Soon Came And Took Away Jordan Which Upset Mugsey And He Turned Back To Seeing His Sister.