Main Cast Members
Season 2 Mugsey

Season 2 2012

Mugsey Grant

Charlie Charlatan

Deanne Skinner

Johnathan Wedlock

Roy Dart

Catherine Mason

Alan Dart

Becky Hart

The Second Season Of North Prospect Road Was Filmed Across The Year 2012. It Featured 9 Episodes Based Around The Prospectors And Mugsey Grant Facing His Dark Past As He Faced Some Of His Oldest Rivals Who Are Attempting To Find Mugsey Grant After He Escaped His Troubled Teenage Life. 

Mugsey Grant Has Just Been Forced Out Of Swilly After Being Faced With His House Being Taken Down My Local Goverment To Make Way For A New Tescos. Mugsey Moves Into A New House Where The Last Season Finished In The Town Of Ivybridge Away From Plymouth As He Takes On A New Step In His Life After Living In Swilly Since 2001.

Since We Last Seen Mugsey We Learned That He Has Been In Trouble After Having A Night Out With His Friends And Ending With Him Being Sent To Court After Taking A Wee In A Policeman Hat. He Is Given Probation Within Torquay Returning To His Dreaded Past.

He Is Soon Picking Litter Across Paignton And Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane And Attempts To Visit His Old Girlfriend Billie Jones. On His Cleaning Of The Torbay Streets He Is Find A Diamond Which Was Stolen From A Robbery Within Paignton And Plans On Selling The Gem After He Posts His Lucky Find To Everyone He Knows Across Facebook.

Mugsey Life Isn't The Best But He Still In Contact With Johnathan Wedlock Who Has Just Been Released From Prison After Commiting More Frauds. Soon Mugsey Along With Becky Hart Attempt To Get The Group Back Together When Roy Dart Regroups With The Gang. The Four Plan On Taking Back Plymouth After All The Changes And Do There Best To Keep The Crime Going. Along With Them Deanne Skinner Rejoins The Group And Plymouth Is Slowly Back In Mugsey Hands.

A Short Time Later Mugsey Finds Out About A House Located In Brixham That Is Going To Be Empty And A Good Place For A Robbery. Mugsey Who Must Also Pretend He Still Needs DLA Takes Up The Mission Of Stealing Things Worth Money. However Is Soon To Discover He Been Setup By The Jewel Robber From Paignton.

She Intoduces Herself As Catherine Mason Unaware That Mugsey Has Meet Her Before And Is Aware She Is None Other Than Dee Mason Younger Sister Who Prospectors Johnathan Wedlock And Roy Dart Killed Back In 2003. Now Living A Life Of Crime She Demands And Tells Mugsey To Bring Her The Diamond Or He Will Be Killed Within Two Weeks And Will Not Be Living In 2013.

Mugsey Doesn't Want To Give Into Mason And Her Little Gang And Takes A Trip Down To Penzance With Roy Where They Think Of The Best Way To Take Down Catherine Mason And To Think With A Clear Head Mugsey Also Learns His Boss Charlie Charlatan Is Due Out Within A Few Days Time And Might Attempt To Trick Him Down.

Nearing The End Of The Two Weeks Mugsey Knows The Diamond Needs To Be Kept Save And Gives Roy The Diamond Warning Him To Guard It With His Life And To Stop Anything From Happing To It. Roy Gives His Word And Promises To Look After The Diamond As Mugsey Knows In A Few Days He Might Fight Catherine Mason.

A Few Days Later Catherine Mason Rings Mugsey Telling Him To Meet Her Down In Totnes Because His Time Is Over. Mugsey A Little Worried Attempts To Request Roy Help In Fighting Catherine But Is To Busy Playing Computer Games Leaving Mugsey Grant To Face Catherine Mason Alone. In The Meantime Becky Hart Is Faced With A Charlie Charlatan Who Is Going To Plymouth College Of Art To Kidnap Becky And Use Her As Bait To Lure Out Mugsey Grant Who Will Come To Protect Her From Charlie.

Mugsey Faces Off With Catherine Mason And Wins The Fight However Wounded But Strangely Recovering Very Quickly But Dosen't Think No More About It. Soon Mugsey Gets A Phone Call From Becky Requesting Him To Come To The College Or Charlie Will Kill Her. Mugsey Heads Back Down To Plymouth To Fight Charlie Who Is Waiting For Him. The Fight Kicks Off And Charlie And Mugsey Fight Heavy As Becky Attempts To Escape From The Chair She Is Taped To. 

Mugsey Takes A Beating And Looks Like To Be Finished Off By Charlie However Becky Jumps In At The Last Moment And Attempts To Fight Charlie In Battle. She Is No Match For Charlie And Finally Mugsey And Becky Working Together Manage To Defeat Charlie Leaving Mugsey With The Chance To Kill Him Still Holding Charlie As The Man Who Made Rachael Grant Run Off.

Mugsey Looks At Becky Hart And Feels Charlie Should Be Gave A Second Chance He Paid In Jail For His Ganglord Lifestyle Back In 2001. Charlie Runs Off And Becky Along With Mugsey Are Joined By Roy And Alan Dart Who Came To Help Him But Missed All The Action.

Mugsey Soon Finds Alan Is Finding Becky Very Pretty And Is Annoyed By This The Team All Head Off To Steal A Car From The Job Center. They Party A Few Days Later After In A Funny New Years Eve Party Unaware That Big Things Are Going On For Johnathan Wedlock Who Been Caught For Bigamy And Is Being Nicked.

Extra Footage

There Is Also Some Extra Videos Within The Season Which Have No Relation To The Episode They Are All No Connection And Can Be Viewed After The 9 Episodes. Some Feature Mugsey Grant Only As A Director And Not Of Him Being Present In The Video.

Wrong Hostage 

Play Park Paralytic

Sterotyped Samaritan

Becky Unearthly Nightmare

Vicky Bleach 3000

Masked Misconception

Super Mugsey World

Mugsey In The 1900s

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