Season 3

Main Cast Members

Mugsey Grant

Roy Dart

Alan Dart

Catherine Mason

Becky Hart

Alex Pendland

Sherri Grant

Chelsea Grant

Cassie Hard

Mugsey Grant Season 3 Follows On From The Events Of The Year Before And A Few Day After The End Of Season 2.

Before The Start Of The Season We Are Gave A Small Teaser Showing Mugsey Grant Enjoying A Evening Alone At Home And Is Watching Television. Soon He Is Aware To A Gate Being Opened Seeing His Social Worker Miss Smith Armed With A Baby. She Soon Becomes Aware Mugsey Grant Has Been Drinking And Gives Him A Baby That Monitors Him To See How Well He Can Look After A Child.

Mugsey Grant Isn't To Impressed By The Idea But Is Aware He Might Lost Benifits If He Isn't Careful And Has No Choice In The Matters But On Trips Across Caldicot And Swindon Massive It Is Known That He Is Giving The Fake Baby To Roy Dart And Becky Hart Across The Time He Has It Dodgeing His Duties.

Mugsey Grant Is Soon Haunted By His Nightmares Relating To His Fears Of Nurses And Social Workers Back In Season 0 After Being Hit By The Larry Speare Bus Many Years Ago.

Across The Year This Doesn't Stop Mugsey Grant Getting In Trouble With Him Stealing A Car With Becky Hart And Being Chased Across Crownhill Fort By The Police Armed With A Helicopter.

Episode 18 Caldicot Massive

Episode 19 Mugsey Nightmare

Episode 20 Swindon Massive

Episode 21 Mugsey Grant Girls

Episode 22 Mugsey And Asbo

Episode 23 Mugsey First Job

Episode 24 Mugsey Broken Hart

Episode 25 Mugsey Life Or Death

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