Season 6 Will Be Based In 2006 With Now Mugsey And Sasha In Love For Each Other Expecting They Might Spend Quite Sometime Together.


Mugsey Grant

Sasha Montana

Becky Hart

Emma Love


Across The Year Mugsey And Sasha Are Now Living The High Life Since Their Most Daring Robbery Things Have Changed With Mugsey And Sasha Going Straight No More Crime. Soon Mugsey And Sasha Catch The Attention Of Some Slayers Who Will Stop At Nothing To Destory The Couple. Who Have A Visit From An Old Friend Who Mugsey Not Seen In A Few Years.


Episode 42 Mugsey Grant Winter

Episode 43 Mugsey Wedding Plans

Episode 44 Mugsey Meet The Watchers

Episode 45 Mugsey Returning Hart

Episode 46 Mugsey Vampire Side

Episode 47 Mugsey Vs The Watchers

Episode 48 Mugsey Grant Wedding.