The South Brent Massive Is A Place Located Within The Mugsey Universe It Orignally Obtained The Name South Brent Because Many Years Ago There Was Place Named North Brent. Before They Cut Themselves In Half The Town Was Called Big Brent.

In 1990 South Brent And North Brent Had A Riot And The Pair Attacked Each Other. South Brent Won Very Quickly And As Punishment They Destoryed The Train Station To Stop North Brent Getting Anymore Gang Members.

Hopper LawsEdit

In 1994 South Brent Obtained Its Own Criminal Book On What Was Seen As Allowed Within South Brent Crowning Their First King Steven Hooper I As King Of South Brent. Within His Land It Is An Offence To Commit Any Crimes Within His Site Even Putting Litter On The Floor. If Seen You Will Be Sent To Court With No Chance Of Appeal. 

'There Are Many Laws Within What Is Now Known As Hop'per Country Which Works In Favor Of The Good And The Bad People.

Hopper Protection Order Of 1994

The Order Was Created By King Steven Hopper In 1994 To Protect Anyone From Danger From Nasty Cops And Rival Gangs Apart From South Brent Massive Crew Members.

Section 1: If A Cop That Isn't Playing By The Law Works Within Steven Hopper Area Of South Brent The Officer Can Only Do This If They Have King Steven Permission. If Not He Or She Faces A Fine Of £1000 However The Rule Does Not Work Between The Times Of 00:00 And 03:00 On Any Day Of The Week Apart From Christmas Time Where It Last 24 Hours Only On That Day.

Section 2: When Within A Crew Of 4 Or More People You Must Obey The Section 2 Rule Which States In Hopper Country A Group More Than 4 Is A Threat And Therefore King Hopper Can Pick If You Should Be Allow To Stay Within South Brent If Not Happy With You He Will Speak These Words: GET OUT OF MY TOWN! You are then left with 1 Hour To Leave Town Or Face Going Prison.

Mugsey Grant VisitsEdit