Vampire Gene

How the vampire gene works.

Vampire Gene

The vampire gene is an effect that the Watcome Watchers gave some of their experments. It was first tested back in 1999 and its first subject was Sasha Montana after she was giving this in a experment. It was later discovered that Mugsey Grant had also been gave the gene when Sasha told him the true story behind why he was left in Brixham back in 2001. 

In 2007 we saw Sasha having a fight with 4 males where she managed to defeat all of them alone.

In 2007 Sasha tells Mugsey that her whole body is always cold and does not ever have any heat coming from it.

In 2010 Sasha tracks a police helicopter using her body heat trick and managed to confuse police officer.

In 2013 we learn the reason why Mugsey has looked the same across the last 13 years is because he has the gene also explaining Sasha not aging either.

In 2013 Mugsey was told that he has to becareful with blood contact with others as they can carry the gene. The same with reproduction children carry the gene.

In 2013 Sasha told Mugsey that his blood type is now A.B Blood group she suspects this is for a unknown reason so he more acceptable to blood transfusions.

Vampire Gene Powers

So far only a few have been discovered within the people who hold this gene. It has been made aware that it can be pasted on if someone blood comes in contact with skin of someone else.

1. This gene slows down aging.

2. Whoever has this gene is more stronger than normal.

3. The gene can be passed by blood contact.

4. People with vampire gene blood type changes to A.B

5. The person no longer has any body heat.

6. The gene can be passed on to children explaining Chelsea Grant staying younger.