Vicky Spears

Vicky Spears

Vicky Bleach Spears Is A Spoof Video To A 2003 Song Sung By Singer Britney Spears. It Shows Vicky Dealing With A Crisis About Taking Her Next Steps And More Understanding To The Crazy Singing Vicky Bleach And How Much She Wants To Become Famous.

Many People Have Suggest That Vicky Is Based Around Mugsey Grant Love Life And When He Was Dating A Transgender Girl Who Treated Him Very Badly And Set A Bad Example For People Facing A Sex Change Operation Its Belived Mugsey Is Showing How Much Of A Bad Role Model She Is For Other People Facing This Operation.

Mugsey Fully Sorts Trangenders And Isn't Aiming The Video To Anyone Of That Sexually Purely Towards His Partner Who Almosted Ruined Him A Few Years Back.

The Video Starts With Vicky Bleach Sitting Down In Exeter Really Upset With Her Hands Across Her Head She Slowly Gets Up Facing The Camera Where It Can Be Seen She Is Crying With The Word Delayed Across Her Head. She Gets Up And Starts To Sing The Words Of The Video.

We Then See Flashback Of The Past And How Many Things Have Changed Along With Cleaning Carpets.

There Is Also A Part When Vicky Does Buy Bleach At This Point She Comes Out With Blonde Hair And Starts Singing At The Top Of Her Voice To Have Another Blond Girl Come Along And Punch Her In The Face At This Point The Music Stops With The Girl Saying Thought You We're Stronger Than Yesterday?

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