Watcombe Watchman

The Watcombe Watcher Are A Group Located Within Torquay. They We're Brought Together In 2000 After Strange Events Took Place In Torquay Involving Things Thought To Be Paranormal.


Mugsey Grant Return To Hele Village Of Torquay To See If He Could Find Any Clues About Rachael Grant His Sister Who Left Him In 2007 Without A Word Mugsey Wanted To Find Clues About His Sister However After Searching Found Nothing And Accepted It Was A Wasted Journey.

Down Torquay He Meet A Girl Named Sasha Who Said She Had Seen Him In Torquay Many Years Ago Along With Rachael And Remembered Him And Her. Mugsey Alone Without Nikki Flare Had No One Really He Could Find Support From He Took Sasha For A Drink And The Pair Talked About Torquay.

Sasha Told Him Strange Thing We're Going On That Year It Was The Same Time The Lab Doctors Visted Torquay A Very Strange Bunch. 

Why Drinking In The Bar Some Strange Men Come In The Pub And Sasha Tells Mugsey They Need To Leave The Pair Are Chased And Manage To Escape.

Across The Episodes There Are Hints That The Sasha Could Be A Vampire Which Is Soon Shared Before Mugsey And Sasha Take On The Watchmen.


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